Thursday, October 18, 2007

Hosiery Appreciation

I’ve been working on some new articles for our Lingerie Resources page. One recent one was on the History of Hosiery. With my new-found knowledge, last week I discovered an error in a historical novel set in 1937. The author said the aunt was wearing thick “white nylons.” Sorry, no. Inaccurate. Not in production yet. Rayon stockings were, but this lady would have mostly likely been wearing cotton stockings if they were heavy and white. Especially since she was a tough farm gal and wasn’t setting off for some special event, but rather in the house ready to do chores.

Nylon stockings were made to replace the sheer silk stockings, yes, making this luxury appearance more affordable to the masses. But they weren’t available until 1940. Plus it was later in the century that we started abbreviating “nylon stockings” to “nylons.”

In my article I posted a section from the 1957 movie "Silk Stockings." Look at the cotton stockings that actress Cyd Charisse discards for silk. Makes one appreciate what we wear now!

Of course, these days we have ads for hosiery that are more risque than what was shown in that movie. Here's a fun one.