Thursday, October 11, 2007

How To Say "Lingerie" In Other Languages

I recently came across this list of translations for lingerie and found it fun to speculate on the literal meaning. Of course, I’m not using a language dictionary—more fun to just use my smattering of language knowledge.

Some, of course, are pretty obviously the same word—guess we all got it from the same place—thank you, France.

Dansk (Danish) n. - lingeri

Français (French) n. - lingerie

Nederlands (Dutch) lingerie, damesonder-/ nachtgoed

Though the secondary options on the latter look like “ladies’ under” and “night go” to me.

Deutsch (German) n. – Damenunterwäsche

Svenska (Swedish) n. – damunderkläder

Practical German translates directly to my mind as “ladies’ underwear” and the Swedish “ladies’ underclothes.”

Português (Portuguese) n. - lingerie (f), roupas (f pl) íntimas de mulher

No guesses on the 2nd definition for Portuguese, but the 3rd one looks like “intimates of the Mrs.”

Italiano (Italian) biancheria

My Italian knowledge is even more limited, but the word makes me think of “love or sweetheart.”

Español (Spanish) n. - lencería

Okay, I can’t think of anything witty or interesting for the Spanish. Nor for the next set, but they are impressive looking, don’t you think? However, if you have more language knowledge than I do and would care to comment on the literal meanings of any of these words, feel free!

Русский (Russian) дамское белье

Ελληνική (Greek) n. - (ενδυμ.) γυναικεία εσώρουχα και νυχτικά

中文(简体) (Chinese (Simplified)) 女用贴身内衣裤, 女睡衣
中文(繁體) (Chinese (Traditional)) n. - 女用貼身內衣褲, 女睡衣

한국어 (Korean) n. - 란제리(여성용 속옷의 총칭)