Monday, March 24, 2008

5 Secrets of Happy People

Today I read a great article called "The 5 Secrets of Happy People". Here's how you can shake off those winter blues and radiate beauty from the inside out!

1) Happy people find their most golden self. In other words, they strive toward excellence based on their unique talents and potential. This is referred to as eudaimonia, and it's beneficial for the body as well as the mind. In a study led by Carol Ryff, PhD at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, women were assessed with psychological tests for eudaimonia . The results revealed that those with high scores weighed less, slept better, and had fewer stress hormones and indications of heart disease than others.

2) They design their lives to bring in joy. Analyze your life; decide what you really want to spend time on, and what you can do without. Take control! Even an hour transferred each day from an activity you hate to one you like can improve your happiness!

3) They avoid "if only" fantasies. We don't really know what will make us happy, and we tend to focus on a single aspect of our lives when assessing our happiness. Happy people also know to keep adding novel experiences to their lives to avoid monotony. Try a romantic gift or costume to help keep monotony out of your lovelife.

4) They put best friends first. We already know that friendship makes us happy. The news is that the nature of the relationship counts. You get more joy from spending time with a close friend than you do from spending bits of time with acquaintances. This doesn't mean you have to sit down and have serious discussions everytime; simple companionship, such as hitting the mall or having a girl's movie night, is the key. Spend some quality time shopping at Lingerie Diva with your friend to find some fun and flirty lingerie, jewelry and shoes.

5) They allow themselves to be happy. Finally, you have to be receptive to happiness. Don't feel guilty if you're having fun. Instead of always putting others' needs in front of your own, try to find a compromise. Happy people tend to be more helpful to others, so it won't do much good to try to lift someone else up when you yourself feel unhappy. If you still feel like putting others before yourself, know this: Happy people live 7 to 10 years longer than unhappy people, so they're around longer to make the world a better place.