Friday, March 14, 2008

How To Dress For Your Shape

Women are bombarded with images of "perfect" bodies that are largely unrealistic. In the lingerie industry, female models appear to have a perfect “hourglass” figure. But in reality, women come in all shapes and sizes. Even models may not be naturally the shape they appear thanks to enhancements, surgery, and photo alterations.

But our shape is what makes each and every woman unique and beautiful, and there are ways to work with what we've got. Take this quiz to find out what your body type is, then read below and see what products Lingerie Diva has that will complement your shape.

TYPE 1: Pear
This is the most common shape among women. Broaden your shoulders with wide neck lines, bring attention to your waist, and wear dark colors on the bottom to play it down and help you look more proportionate.

~ The Chiffon 3-Quarter Sleeved Top With Skirt & G-string is great because it has a wide neck line and the skirt over the g-string helps downplay the bottom half of your body.

~ Add the Chiffon Underwire Bra & Panty to your wardrobe to enhance your top half.

~ I love the Charmaine Detailed Corset, as the bright color and pattern will accentuate your waist.

TYPE 2: Apple
Emphasize your chest, hips and legs to elongate the appearance of your frame. Wear darker colors on top and lighter colors on bottom to balance the upper body.
~ High Platforms and High Heels will lengthen your figure.

~ This Satin Corset will provide good support while emphasizing your lower half.
~ Wear this Satin Halter Dress to enhance your bust, slim your waist and lower half, and show off your banging legs.

TYPE 3: Rectangle
Since you have great legs and arms, you want to show them off! Avoid loose garments that hide your figure.

~ Padded bras with underwire will give you some extra oomph where you need it. I like the Polka Dot Bra Set.

~ To accentuate your waist, try the
Sexy Rhinestone Belt or the Rhinestone Neck to Belly Chain.

~ Try the
Sheer Mesh Camisole & Low Rise Panty! The asymmetrical top will emphasize your bust and show off your beautiful arms.

TYPE 4: Hourglass
You're very curvy with a clearly defined waist. If you were to gain weight, it would distribute evenly right to your curves. Most things look great on you!

~ Try a
corset to accentuate your bodacious bust and shapely midsection.

~ The
mini halter dress will hug your curves and show off your assets.

~ Stick to
thongs and bikini cuts, as boyshorts and high-waisted panties may draw the attention away from your tiny waist, and make you look round and shorten your look.

Work with what you've got, and I guarantee you'll feel sexy!