Friday, March 21, 2008

Shaping Up For Spring...Please Vote On The Poll!

I'll continue talking about the latest spring fashions and how you can find them at Lingerie Diva. But in the next few weeks I also want to talk about shaping up to look amazing this season. I will be using advice from fitness magazines, my own personal experience, and hopefully from you as well! Write me a comment here or on MySpace and let me know what works for you! Please vote on the poll below.

According to last week's poll, most of you are hourglass-shaped like me (17/37), already in fairly good shape, and may just want to tone all over. The next biggest group was the Pear-shaped group (9/37), which tells me that we may want to also talk about slimming the thighs and butt and strengthening the arms. Let me know what you want to work on! :)

Imagine wearing this mini halter dress or this cute swimsuit and all eyes are on you... Now there's some motivation! :)