Thursday, April 10, 2008

Unusual Uses For Old Bras

I went through my lingerie drawer last weekend and threw out bras that I no longer wear. What can you do with a tired, beat-up bra, right? Don't just chuck it in the trash like I did! Right after my "spring cleaning", I read an article called "28 things to do with an old bra" and I regret my hasty disposal of my worn out bras.

1. Make it Pretty. Add some lace or sequins or anything that will make it come to life. I like this altered pink bra with pretty butterflies and buttons.

2. Donate it. If the bra is in good condition, give it to charity. Breasttalk collects used bras and gives them to women around the world who for some reason don't have a bra. In some countries, women have to choose between feeding their family and buying a bra.

3. Sew it into a Camisole for Support.

4. Make a Purse. All you need is your old bra, ribbons fringing, hot glue or craft glue, scissors, and your creativity.

5. Display it. Take a look at he BraBall Atelier 31 Gallery for inspirational bra displays. Take a very pretty, lacy bra you never wear, place it in a frame, and hang it on your wall. Instant art!

Tell me about any additional ideas you have for an old bra. Post a picture of your creation!