Monday, April 7, 2008

Abs, Part I

What better time to start our four-week abs mini-makeover than taday, on World Health Day? But don't worry, I'm not going to take on the whole world. I have three suggestions to jump-start our path to a trim tummy.
1. Cut out alcohol AND all soda! Alcohol has no nutritional value, and it's converted to fat, which translates to tummy trouble. Even diet soda is bad, as artificial sweeteners have been found to stimulate your appetite. I like to sip flavored water instead.
2. Get at least 7 hours of sleep each night. When you're sleep-deprived, your body produces stress hormones, which may increase your appetite.
3. Brush your teeth right after you eat to keep from nibbling. Have you ever tried drinking a soda or eating a handful of chips after brushing your teeth? Yuck!

Next Monday I'll go over a fcw simple exercises targeting the belly. In the mean time, keep motivated by browsing our belly-baring swimwear and Sexy Lingerie Sets and know that you are three steps closer to a toned tummy. Share your progress and/or struggles in the next weeks. You can post annonymous comments, so don't be shy! :)


fitness guy said...

Nutrition= go high in the protein like meats ,salmon, chicken, beef, and low on carbs Avoid snacks and all that kind of stuff! Also check the label of the thing that you want to eat if its in package, and look the amount of protein!! To get a good resul of course work outs!

Michael said...

I used to be a dieting person, but these days I run on average 4-5 times a week and this seems to keep me from getting the dunlops disease. You know the belly hanging over your pants look. Lol. Anyway actually I even had a personal dietitian at one point. My interest started when I worked at a nutrition store and learned about health and vitamins. One of the first things that I learned was that there is not any one thing that cures being overweight. Leaving out cosmetic surgery and organ removal. I am talking about eating habits. Living a healthy lifestyle benefits someone more than just the way they look. If I were to tell someone how to diet correctly to obtain washboard abs this is what it would entail.

1. Every morning without fail you do medium intensity cardio on an empty stomach for 30-45min. It helps if you drink coffee or some caffeine to get you going.

2. I would gradually change your diet. Nothing drastic. Just start eating more chicken, protein then potatoes.

3. I would lift weights 2 days on and then one day off. So if you were to lift weights two days in a row then on your day off you would replace that workout session with a cardio session. Lifting weights in the afternoon is the best time because your bodies carbohydrate stores are at there fullest, plus you save the mornings for cardio sessions that will burn you 300% more fat then it would after eating and during the day sometime. So before you go in the afternoon to lift weights, make sure you eat an apple. Not for the energy per se but because the apple increases your thyroid levels and you need that because when you diet they fall because your body thinks your starving.

4. Eat every 2 1/2 to 3 hours. Do Protein and fat ratios of 2/3 protein and 1/3 fat. For instance I would do 35 grams of Protein and 10 grams of fat in one meal. Totaling 6 small meals a day.

5. After you lift weights have a 1/3 Protein, 2/3's Dextrose(Carbohydrate) shake. Whey Protein powder mixed with Dextrose powder. Dextrose is cheap you can get a huge bucket for 10 bucks. Its a great carb because its fast acting. It is 2nd place under glucose. The importance of this shake is due to the fact that your muscles are like a sponge waiting after your workout for this recovery drink. It will sometimes even allow for muscles to build. You also will be much less likely to lose muscle. Many people lose muscle at the same ratio as they lose fat because they don't have recovery nutrition immediately after working out.

6.) Then an hour and a half after you have your recovery shake you would have a solid meal in the same ratios. Like chicken and rice. A little broccoli would be nice to help stop your insulin from surging.

7.) Lastly I would have one day where you eat anything and everything you want. I used to eat a whole bag of donuts and a choclate milk first thing in the morning on sundays. This restores your muscles from any depletion during the week. It also restores your thyroid and makes your body think that your not starving yourself anymore. Well you arent starving yourself anyway, its just that you have changed your calorie intake and that is why it responds this way.

YOU MUST CHEAT! Once a week or break it up into 2-3 meals throughout the week of anything you want. Make sure you do this.

Ok i will think of otherstuff and come back later for now this is your free nutrition advice.