Monday, April 28, 2008

Abs, Part IV

We're on our final week of the four week ab makeover, are you starting to see those abs yet? In this final post about abs, I'd like to review what we've been doing for the past three weeks, and end with some final thoughts on toning and weight loss.

Week 1: We started making small (but significant) changes to our lifestyles, including cutting out alcohol and soda, getting more sleep and brushing teeth after meals to prevent snack attacks.

Week 2: I introduced Fitness Magazine's 21-Minute Ab Makeover routine, which calls for cardio combined with pilates.

Week 3: Last Monday we increased the cardio to burn more calories and we talked about how household chores and everyday activities count towards cardio.

Today, I'd like to end with a little talk about motivation. I know that sometimes you just don't want to go to the gym or exercise. That's okay, and it's completely healthy for you to take days off from workouts. However, don't let one day turn into a whole week! It's so easy to tell yourself, "Eh, I'll go tomorrow" and tomorrow never comes. I know, I've been there! Here are three ways I motivate myself to stay in shape and keep active:

  • "Remember, I'm paying for this!" - This is a tried and true reminder, because why keep paying for a gym membership when you aren't going to use it! Many memberships are automatically deducted from your bank account each month, so whenever you are feeling sluggish, just look at your bank statement!

  • Keep the end in mind - Focus on how you dream of looking and don't settle for less. Yes, this might sound crazy, and I do agree that you should love yourself and your body no matter what. But keeping this image in your mind really helps get you off that couch! Here are some sexy lingerie items that might help motivate you! My newest favorite is the Asian Brocade Cut Out Dress. All I need to do now is have somewhere to wear it...

  • Change the music on your iPod - I find it difficult to workout when I'm flipping through my 1,000+ songs to find those 10 good workout songs. Keep only a small playlist of your favorite motivating songs on your iPod (15-20) and update it every week or so to avoid getting tired of some.