Monday, May 5, 2008

The Bra(g): A Travel Bag For Your Bras

I just learned about a cool way to travel in style and protect your bras - The Bra(g)! I first read about it on The Lingerie Post. This stylish bag is in the shape of a bra, and will keep your bras safe from crumpling and smooshing during travel. The new Buxom Bra(g) fits up to a G-cup!

This innovative creation has generated a buzz in Hollywood and in the press. Golden Globe nominees received the new Spanx product Bra-llelujah packaged inside the Bra(g). The Bra(g) was also featured on The Today Show in January.
I love the Bra(g), because I believe that your bras deserve their very own travel bag! I've ruined one too many bras on plane trips to not appreciate this product. I think Lingerie Diva should sell these, what do you think?