Friday, April 18, 2008

Pet Owner's Day!

Did you know today is Pet Owner's Day? I thought I would share a bit with you about my pets (excuse my departure from lingerie). I have two mischevious dogs and one Psycho Kitty (as my boyfriend calls her).

Taz & Zorro

My dog's names are Taz and Zorro. Taz the Pomeranian is aptly named, because he looks a bit like the Tazmanian Devil, and he turns into a tornado of fur whenever anyone tries to leave the house. Zorro the Papillon lives up to his name. He is quick and if you blink, he can have your slice of bacon you left on the table. He knows how to climb chain-link fences and does so whenever I let him in the back yard (but he doesn't run away; he simply explores the neighbor's grass).

My cat's name is Keiko, which means "adored one" in Japanese. I chose this name because my best friend liked to call her Oriental Baby (she has slanted eyes). Keiko has to stay in her room overnight because she has a habit of waking me by crashing into the blinds and shoving them aside so that she can look outside. Then, she has to play with the fun stringies hanging from the blinds, and the noise continues all night. Get this: Keiko loves running water (yes, she is a cat, I'm sure) and she comes running from wherever she is to discover the source of the bubbling sound. One time I was taking a shower and she leaped into the tub, not a bit phased by the spraying water!


I'm curious about your pets. What are their names? What things do they do that you think are unusual?

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines the word "pet" as "a domesticated animal kept for pleasure rather than utility". Celebrate Pet Owner's Day in a whole new way: you be the pet and you can wear this sexy kitty costume
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