Friday, April 11, 2008

They're Back...Jelly Shoes!

I have some surprising news for you: Jelly shoes are making a comeback as a trend this spring! I would never have guessed that this infamous style would return in the 21st century. The new jellies look a bit different from the jelly sandals you might remember from the 80's. They're making their appearance as flats and flip-flops.

As a child I remember wearing jellies, and I also remember hating them because they hurt my feet. I suggest that if you do slip some on, make sure you wear either a thin pair of socks or hose with them to prevent blisters.

If you like how jellies look but don't want to put up with the pain of wearing them, try these square heel slides . They are clear and have a slight heel, and are slightly reminiscent of jellies.
Can't quite bring yourself to revert back to this 80's style? I understand. There are plenty of shoe trends this season, so don't feel like you have to follow them all!