Monday, May 12, 2008

Sex and the City...and Lingerie!

Thanks to The Lingerie Post, I discovered that the leading lingerie label Cosabella has created a Sex and the City inspired collection, which evokes the personality of each of the starlets of the famous series. You can find your inner Charlotte, Samantha, Carrie or Miranda with this fun collection of camisoles, bras, panties and more. This collection is premiering May 22nd, and all the lucky people who live in NYC can attend the grand opening, win tickets to see the movie premier, and more at Bloomingdales. For everyone else, well we just have to wait, but you can pre-order online at Bare Necessities. Would you like to see Lingerie Diva carry these collections?
And don't forget to catch the premier of Sex and the City on May 28th. Carrie's finally getting hitched to Mr.Big! You have to check out the movie trailer. I also found a great blog dedicated entirely to Sex and the City: the Movie. They have additional clips from the movie, interviews with the ladies and more!