Friday, February 20, 2009

Lingerie Helps Charity

On Feb. 7, 2009, 7Bar Foundation mixed lingerie and charity. With host Eva Longoria, the foundation launched Lingerie Miami — the first of many lingerie fashion show events — which will raise money to provide impoverished women with the resources they need. The money raised will go towards investments in microfinance institutes that teach women how to make money on their own and how to provide for themselves and their children. By establishing a self-sustaining initiative rather than giving away the money, the foundation plans to help women learn how to:

* Start or operate their own business
* Meet the needs of their children
* Create opportunities for themselves
* Provide better nutrition
* Improve living conditions
* Help break the poverty cycle for future generations

The foundation pledges to raise $2 million each year and create a beneficiary fund for designated countries. As the foundation continues to grow, so will the funds and list of countries involved. Eventually, the foundation plans to become one of the leading forces in the empowerment of women at a global level. Lingerie Miami is the first of five annual lingerie events, to be followed by Lingerie NYC, Lingerie LA, Lingerie London and Lingerie Paris.

So put your love for lingerie to good use, and check out the Lingerie Miami event website. You can also watch a video from the event below, made by the Viva Fashion Blog.