Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A New Game for Lingerie

This past weekend, dozens of ladies gathered at the Teamworks Centre in Revere, Ma., to try out for the New England Euphoria, the newest team in the Lingerie Football League. In case you don’t already know, the LFL — true to its name — consists of women playing football in lingerie. The concept behind the LFL started in 2004 as a short Pay-Per-View halftime event during the Super Bowl, called the Lingerie Bowl. The league has quickly grown into 10 teams nationwide, and their first full season will begin September of this year in Chicago. The New England Euphoria plans to choose 12 women to proudly wear the matching red and black bra and booty shorts that make up the team’s uniform.

Although their close-to-nothing uniforms show a lot of skin, these ladies do wear pads and helmets. It’s not powder puff football (basically touch football); the LFL is 7-on-7 contact football. While, unfortunately, these girls will be subject to scrutiny, about 90 percent of the players have college degrees and sports backgrounds, and are extremely athletic. Players will earn starting salaries around $40,000 — about $5,000 more then women starting in the WNBA. Not bad for women’s sports.