Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Use the Bra Angel for Longer-lasting Bras!

We all know it’s hard to find a good bra with the perfect shape, color, and, of course, the perfect fit. That’s why when your bra’s underwire starts to poke through, it can be somewhat of a disaster. But now there’s the Bra Angel repair kit to rescue you and your ta-tas.

Whether you’re at a party, work or even out shopping, you can jump into the bathroom and slip the Bra Angel over the poking wire and into the fabric tube of the bra. By covering the tip of the wire, it creates extra padding, giving you more comfort in these emergency situations. This invention — straight out of the United Kingdom — can be shipped anywhere in the world, so check out the Bra Angel site, and expand your favorite bra’s life a bit longer.