Friday, April 17, 2009

The Freedom of a Loincloth

Although technology continues to advance at warp speed, the lingerie world is taking a step back and reintroducing women to a more primitive design: the loincloth. Japanese lingerie maker, Wacoal, recently launched their new line of lingerie called “fundoshi” (in Japanese). In the past, loincloths (or fundoshi) were traditionally worn by men, but now they’re bringing them back for women. The idea is to try and liberate women from their body-hugging boyshorts and thongs. A loincloth creates more freedom and comfort between the legs, even allowing space for a little breeze. While these new pieces are definitely beyond conventional, the company has already sold 5, 000 since December, which is three times what they expected, according to this article in Reuters. They’re so popular that Wacoal plans to start selling them in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore. The loincloths come in seven different colors and two designs (plain and checkered). And for only $13 (or 1,260 yen), freedom has never been so cheap!