Thursday, April 9, 2009

No More Granny Bras!

Good news is finally here for large-chested women! Designers have decided that 2009 is the year that larger bras get to be sexy. Before now, a 36DD could only be found in discount bins in blah colors like white or beige. And they were designed to look more like armor than a sexy undergarment. With four hooks to attach the back and straps more than an inch thick, it’s no wonder that women have been denying their true size. But ever since designers realized that the larger bras were some of their best sellers, they’ve decided to start making more this year. And not just the granny white and beige kind either.

Why the sudden change? In the past couple of years, the average woman’s cup size has grown from a 36C (in 2006) to a 36D (in 2008), and now in 2009 the average is a 36DD. While some blame it on weight gain, most experts say that it’s related to what’s known as the “Oprah Effect,” according to The New York Times. Ever since Oprah asked women if they were wearing the right bra size, ladies across the nation have been finding the answer! And that answer is that most women have larger breasts than they actually realize. So, look forward to a sexier, fuller 2009!

If you haven’t measured yourself recently, read this guide on how to do it accurately. Also, check out Lingerie Diva for some great bras (including the one above) that are larger than a 36C. For women with a band size of 40 or larger, check out our plus-size bras!