Monday, May 11, 2009

Marks & Spencer Admits Boobage

May 8 was a day for big-chested women to celebrate everywhere, especially in London. Marks & Spencer, Britain’s largest clothing retailer, finally dropped their policy that added a 2 pound ($3) surcharge for bras over size DD.

The company decided to drop the policy after 14,000 women signed a Facebook petition against it. The company even bought full-page ads in local newspapers with an apology saying, “We boobed.” And they decided to offer a 25 percent discount on all bras of all sizes for the next two weeks.

Brands like Victoria’s Secret and Ann Summers don’t charge extra for larger sizes. While some more expensive brands do, the reason Marks & Spencer ran into such a problem is because their store sells clothes in larger sizes at the same price. The only place in the store where they marked up the price for larger sizes was in their lingerie department. But not now!