Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Slips Will Keep You Cool This Summer

As July approaches, it’s time to start taking those clothes off — not literally — but you need to think about wearing lighter-weight clothes. Wearing a slip is the perfect place to start. While some think the slip should only be used as an undergarment, doing so has actually become outdated. I can’t think of anyone that still wears a slip under their clothes. The only time I ever wear one is to bed or out as a dress. And as those temperatures begin to rise, I recommend wearing one out.

A slip is basically a dress anyways, so treat it just like that. Add some heels, jewelry and maybe even a belt, and you have a whole outfit. If the slip you’re trying to use is actually too provocative, just layer it with another one to get rid of that see-through look. No matter what people think, a slip is a cool way to dress up any occasion. I guarantee you’ll be thankful you did when you’re dancing to Justin Timberlake in a hot, sweaty nightclub. Here are some options that will help you beat that 90-degree heat:

Charmeuse Chemise by Shirley of Hollywood; $37.50

Pinstripe & Lace Babydoll Set by Seven ‘til Midnight; $25.49

Slip Style Halter Mini Dress by Elegant Moments; $18.49