Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Men Wear Women’s Lingerie

It’s a fact. And if you think it’s weird, get over it. After all, it’s the 21st century. We’ve officially entered an era where “gender roles” have reached a gray area. Many of today’s men pay $80 for a haircut, get manicures and wear man bags, so why can’t they wear lingerie too?

Not surprisingly, men are realizing that fine silk, charmeuse and lace are softer and more comfortable — and that cotton boxers are just too boring! While thongs don’t usually give the support a man might need, women’s bikinis, boy shorts and tanga shorts are perfect for the masculine body shape. Luckily for both genders, Lingerie Diva offers plenty of panties that both men and women can fit into.

Some men fit perfectly fine into ladies’ underwear, but there are others that need extra room down there. That’s why designers are starting to make lingerie for men. Coined as “Manties”, men’s panties have started going mainstream. Join in on the fun and buy some men’s lingerie for yourself or your lover at Lingerie Diva. Check out some of my favorites:

Sheer Stripe Boxer Brief; $17.90 (above left)
Silk Knit Fitted Boxer Short; $25.50 (above center)
Satin Boxer and Game Set; $17.90 (above right)