Wednesday, August 19, 2009

5 Ways to Revive Your Bras

Don't you just hate letting a good bra go to waste? You've either outgrown it or an underwire is already sticking out after wearing it for only a couple of weeks. Here are five things you can do with your old bras besides just letting them go to waste:
  1. Fix It: Get out a paper clip, needle and thread, and try and sew that wire back together.
  2. Add To It: If you don't think your bra is sexy enough, try adding your own extra special items to it, like lace, ribbon or even buttons!
  3. Be Creative: Create a piece of lingerie with it. Sew some sheer fabric to the bottom of the bra, and you have a new sexy babydoll
  4. Reuse It: Cut up the bra and reuse the fabric for something else, like a pocket on a skirt or a lacy addition to a hat.
  5. Donate It: Plenty of places accept used bras. In fact, check out Gigi's Closet for a place to send it to. They donate any used bras they get to the salvation army!