Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Jessica Simpson Launches Lingerie Line

Jessica Simpson’s already popular fashion line, which includes bags, shoes and swimwear, is continuing to grow. And it’s only getting sexier with the recent addition of a lingerie collection. After complaining that she could never find bras that fit her, Simpson decided to create her own lingerie, which she describes as feminine and sweet with a hint of fun. "I like to be comfortable and feel good. I wear whatever my mood calls for," says Simpson. 

Surprisingly (or maybe not so surprisingly), the singer/actress/reality TV star is getting more positive press as a fashion designer than as a performer. She launched the collection in the Vandale showroom in New York City just last week, and it should be available in stores by next Spring. 

Pictured above, Simpson wears a flashy red corset during a performance from a couple years back. Find the same look at Lingerie Diva for only $29.99!