Thursday, September 24, 2009

Top Ten Sexy Costumes at Lingerie Diva

Fall is finally here! In honor of Halloween, Lingerie Diva recently released a list of the Top 10 Most Popular Adult Costumes for Women in 2009, based on new designs and early customer orders. Because of the True Blood and Twilight hype, vampires are going to be the first thought on everyone's mind. But if you want to stand out or just talk without plastic teeth in your mouth, you can certainly find another idea from Lingerie Diva's over-one-hundred sexy costumes for sale. To get you thinking, here are the top 10 of the season:
  1. Geisha
  2. Sexy Barmaid
  3. Raunchy Referee
  4. Vampiress
  5. Alice in Wonderland
  6. Vixen Pirate
  7. Sexy Sailor
  8. “Dirty” Cop
  9. Gypsy Princess
  10. Dark Fairy
You can find the above Geisha costume at Lingerie Diva for only $32.49!