Thursday, October 22, 2009

Lingerie Diva Now Carries Traditional Corsets!

Lingerie Diva recently added traditional corset brands — Axfords, Maya Hansen, Pink Corset, Playful Promises and Vollers — to its site, which means you can now get that Scarlett O'Hara-look you've always wanted. While Lingerie Diva already carries an extensive collection of fashion corsets, these traditional corsets offer more support for a woman's body. These five brands create corsets that use classic corsetry techniques. As a result, they offer back support, create a slimmer waist, and support the bust line. Not only are traditional corsets more functional, they are made with the best fabric — genuine silk, satin and lace — and include a cotton lining that helps keep the corset from staining or having a strong odor.

The traditional corset is a historic piece of lingerie that has been providing women with necessary support for centuries. Because of this, Lingerie Diva is excited to offer these traditional pieces to its customers, including this gorgeous Margot Cream Corset by Maya Hansen. While they are pricier, a traditional corset is worth the expense for long-lasting support. If you care for it properly, it could last a lifetime!