Friday, October 9, 2009

Lingerie Look For Professionals

Fashion designers may have taken the lingerie trend a bit far in their 2010 Spring/Summer collections. As Christina Binkley (writer for the Wall Street Journal) recently pointed out, the latest, rather revealing collections at Paris fashion week “risk turning off many professional or mature women.” While these looks certainly draw attention to the designers or even to the Lady Gagas out there bold enough to wear them, they’re still not practical for the working woman. Sheer dresses, plunging tops and short skirts make these new designs impractical for the workplace.

While this look by Christian Dior (above)

is certainly elegant, its sheer fabric would be hard to translate into a working woman’s world.If you’re a professional woman looking to follow the 2010 Spring/Summer fashion trends, try wearing a waist cincher over a more conservative blouse like the look below. This way you can still incorporate the latest lingerie trend into a more formal setting — without feeling like some overly dramatic celebrity.