Thursday, January 28, 2010

Corsets and Weight Loss

While many may think that women who wore corsets in the early 1900s were crazy, the same can be said about women today. Yes, fainting due to lack of air and circulation in your mid-section from wearing a corset seems a bit extreme. But so does starving yourself to be a size 2. Models today sport anorexia on the runway, not the feminine beauty of natural curves. Luckily for woman today, traditional corsets aren't as extreme as they once were, but they still help show of that womanly shape, and wearing one can still help you lose weight. Cinching your waist helps your mid-section stay straight. By wearing a corset frequently, you will quickly have better posture, and your stomach will appear slimmer. Most women lose two to four inches off their waist line after frequently wearing a corset.
If you're looking for a corset to wear underneath your clothes, remember to get one that's smooth without too much decorative lace and bead work. Lingerie Diva carries several traditional corset brands, including Axfords, Maya Hansen, Pink Corset, Playful Promises and Vollers. Each bran offers exceptional handmade corsets, like the Margo Cream Corset by Maya Hansen (pictured). Who knows? Maybe the women of the 19th century had it right all along. What do you think?

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

20% Off Romantic Gifts at Lingerie Diva

Looking to find something special for your Valentine? Lingerie Diva's offering 20% off romantic gifts thru Jan. 31 or while supplies last. Just use the promo code: romantic. Lingerie Diva also just added a new deal of the week to the pinstripe crotchless panty. Buy this bra, g-string and garter belt set for just $9.99. Buy both the panty and set for under $15! Happy Valentine's Day!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Valentine's Day Lingerie Sales

In addition to last week's heart print halter chemise for just $12.99, Lingerie Diva has a new deal of the week: the pinstripe lycra crotchless panty. This item is only $3.99, and it would look great under the halter chemise. 

Buy them together for under $20, and give your Valentine something they'll want to show off this Valentine's Day.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

15% Off Top 15

Lingerie Diva's having a Valentine's Day sale: 15% off the top 15 items. The offer is valid thru Jan. 24 or while supplies last. Use the promo code — Cupid — at checkout and automatically receive 15% off these purchases. Lingerie Diva also updated another Deal of the Week. Get the Heart Print Halter Chemise by Coquette (to the right) for just $12.99, marked down from $35.40!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Lingerie Diva's Latest Deal of the Week

In addition to last week's Brocade Corset, which is still on sale for $19.99, you can also purchase this mesh thong for just $4.99. These are perfect deals to surprise your Valentine with this Feb. 14. Happy shopping!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Lingerie Diva's Top Valentine's Day Gifts

Lingerie Diva's Top 9 Valentine's Day Gifts
Lingerie Diva recently released a press release with a gift guide of this year's top Valentine's Day Gifts. Because I liked the gifts so much, I decided to create a Polyvore set with the items in it. I especially like the vinyl "rose" corset by Allure Leather. It's sexy but simple, and I think the bow gives it an added classy touch. If I was feeling a bit more adventurous, I would try the 3-Piece satin demi cup bra set. Open-cup bras are fun to play around with. You can wear the nipple pasties or not; either way, if you haven't tried it, I highly recommend it. However, I like to stick to a more classic Valentine's Day celebration, which is why the corset definitely appeals to me. The Kama Sutra massage oils look fun too. Now all I need is candles and champagne. Hopefully the beau will bring those...

Thursday, January 14, 2010

New Deal of the Week

There's a new deal of the week in addition to last week's bra, g-string and garter set that's still on sale this week for just $12.99. Along with the garter set, you can get this Brocade Corset with Lace-Up Detail on sale for only $19.99 this week. Both are pink, which is a perfect-themed gift for Valentine's Day if you're in the mood to get your Valentine something a bit naughty.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

History of the Week: The Camisole

Camisoles (or camis) have been around for centuries. They used to be long, worn under dresses to provide warmth and to keep sweat away from fancy garments. Now, they're a lot shorter (covering only the top half of the body) and very similar to a sleeveless top. They were the first piece of lingerie to really make it out of the bedroom and go mainstream as outerwear. Women in the late '80s started wearing camis as a sexy top to wear with a pair of jeans or fitted skirt. Their nice fit and thin spaghetti straps show off just the right amount of skin. Built-in-bra camis even make it possible to wear a top without a bra. Originally, camis were made from muslin, satin or silk, but now many of them are made out of cotton, nylon or spandex.

Lingerie Diva offers several sexy camis that you can keep in the bedroom or wear out! Get this lace trimmed camisole for just $47.99. Or pick up some very popular Ed Hardy camis!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Two New Deals of the Week

Lingerie Diva has two new deals of the week for you to show off your pink side. This pink satin corset with front busk closure is on sale for just $24.99, marked down from its regular price of $98.00. It's even available in plus sizes. Or get a bit wilder with this bra, g-string and garter belt set for just $12.99, marked down from $61.60. Both are about 75% off, just in time for Valentine's Day.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New Addition to the Deal of the Week

This week, there are two deals of the week: one old, one new. Last week's pink, 3-piece babydoll set is still on sale for only $17.99, marked down from $37.65. This would make the perfect Valentine's Day present because it's sexy and pink. Of course, if you are looking for a less formal piece, these pink pinstripe booty shorts also make a sexy statement for just $4.99! Whichever one you like, make sure to pick it up now because the deal of the week only lasts while the items are still available!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Lingerie Diva's Valentine's Day Lingerie

Now that New Year's has already come and gone, it's time to start thinking about the next holiday of 2010. And that holiday would be Valentine's Day. While you begin to think about chocolates and flowers and scented candles, think a bit sexier instead. Why not celebrate your love with that special Valentine in a way that neither of you will forget? Lingerie Diva has some saucy 'Be Mine' lingerie that will help put both of you in the mood on Feb. 14. They also have some romantic kits and massage oils in case you want a little extra something to jump-start your romantic night of fun. Watch Lingerie Diva's latest YouTube video for some extra sexy ideas this Valentine's Day: