Thursday, January 28, 2010

Corsets and Weight Loss

While many may think that women who wore corsets in the early 1900s were crazy, the same can be said about women today. Yes, fainting due to lack of air and circulation in your mid-section from wearing a corset seems a bit extreme. But so does starving yourself to be a size 2. Models today sport anorexia on the runway, not the feminine beauty of natural curves. Luckily for woman today, traditional corsets aren't as extreme as they once were, but they still help show of that womanly shape, and wearing one can still help you lose weight. Cinching your waist helps your mid-section stay straight. By wearing a corset frequently, you will quickly have better posture, and your stomach will appear slimmer. Most women lose two to four inches off their waist line after frequently wearing a corset.
If you're looking for a corset to wear underneath your clothes, remember to get one that's smooth without too much decorative lace and bead work. Lingerie Diva carries several traditional corset brands, including Axfords, Maya Hansen, Pink Corset, Playful Promises and Vollers. Each bran offers exceptional handmade corsets, like the Margo Cream Corset by Maya Hansen (pictured). Who knows? Maybe the women of the 19th century had it right all along. What do you think?