Tuesday, January 12, 2010

History of the Week: The Camisole

Camisoles (or camis) have been around for centuries. They used to be long, worn under dresses to provide warmth and to keep sweat away from fancy garments. Now, they're a lot shorter (covering only the top half of the body) and very similar to a sleeveless top. They were the first piece of lingerie to really make it out of the bedroom and go mainstream as outerwear. Women in the late '80s started wearing camis as a sexy top to wear with a pair of jeans or fitted skirt. Their nice fit and thin spaghetti straps show off just the right amount of skin. Built-in-bra camis even make it possible to wear a top without a bra. Originally, camis were made from muslin, satin or silk, but now many of them are made out of cotton, nylon or spandex.

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