Tuesday, February 9, 2010

4 Ways to Set the Mood This Valentine's Day

I've been receiving a lot of questions from people wanting to know how they can create the perfect atmosphere for their Valentine's Day date night. Here are four easy ways to set the mood and take your date from romantic to Va Va Voom! this Valentine's Day.

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1) Music: Find out what kind of music your date likes, and put it on when the timing's right. Music is a great mood setter because it's a good transition into the more intimate portion of the night. You can dance together or even do a little strip tease to get your date in the mood. If you need some song ideas, read our "Sexiest Striptease Songs" posts here and here.

2) Romantic Gifts: Giving a romantic gift can certainly set the mood. For example, massage oils are a great Valentine's Day gift. Giving a massage is extremely sexual and will lead anyone right into the ideal romantic setting.

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 3) Love Coupons: Give your date a love coupon book that you bought or made personally for the occasion. That way the mood is already set. You don't have to worry about who will make the first move because it's already written in the cards.

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4) Sexy Games: Playing a sexy game will make any date a bit steamier. Sex Casino or Foreplay Connect will surely spark up some fun. Of course, you'd be surprised at what games you can turn into stripping ones. Anyone up for some strip Monopoly?

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And don't forget to visit our Romantic Gifts section on our website to see even more fun, sexy products that will help you set the mood this Valentine's Day!