Thursday, February 25, 2010

Crotchless Lingerie Just Got Easier

Crotchless lingerie creates a fun little surprise for everyone involved. Even if you've never worn crotchless lingerie before, I'm sure you've come across moments where it would have come in handy during a spontaneous moment or just because you wanted to wear you're lingerie longer than the five seconds it took to rip off. That's why Lingerie Diva recently added its crotchless lingerie category. Now you can find various styles and brands of lingerie that are all missing a little patch of fabric in just the right spot. Teddies are very popular crotchless because these little onesies can be very hard to take off in a heated moment. Of course, several crotchless panties can be mixed with any kind of lingerie, or they work great just on their own. No matter what your preference is in lingerie, I suggest trying out some crotchless items. It'll surprise you how practical—and sexy!—these items really are.
Get this Peek-a-Boo lace teddy for just $17.99 at Lingerie Diva.