Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Lingerie Diva Starts a Lingerie Forum

Lingerie Diva recently started its very own lingerie forum—Garter Gab—for customers and fellow lingerie lovers to give advice and discuss various lingerie-related topics. This new lingerie community is meant to help those that may have lingerie questions that come up along the way. Of course, you can always turn to Lingerie Diva's Diary or the Lingerie Diva Resources section for guidance, but here's a new way to get advice from several sources all at once. I hope that the lingerie community can enjoy and use this source, whether you want to discuss new lingerie brands, the lingerie industry or want to find a sexy lingerie outfit for your honeymoon. For future reference, there will be a permanent link to the forum under the Lingerie Diva's Diary header (above). Happy gabbing!