Thursday, March 25, 2010

Win $200 Gift Certificate in Lingerie Diva's 'Know Your Diva' Contest

Lingerie Diva just announced its month-long ‘Know Your Diva’ contest from April 1–30 to reward its most loyal customer. Show how well you know your favorite lingerie store by answering as many of the ten Lingerie Diva-related questions below as you can; plus, write down as many of the five top-selling items as you can in the bonus question, which will ultimately work as a tie breaker. The contestant that answers the most questions correctly will win a $200 gift certificate to Lingerie Diva after all the results are in for the April 30 deadline. At the chance that several contestants answer all of the questions correctly, those names will be put into a drawing, and one winner will be chosen. So, “How well do you know your diva?” Send your answers to the below questions to, and wait to see who wins!

1) When was Lingerie Diva founded?

2) What are Lingerie Diva’s four most popular brands?

3) What is Lingerie Diva’s trademark phrase?

4) What is the name of Lingerie Diva’s blog?

5) How many Diva Rewards points do you have to earn in order to get a $10 gift certificate?

6) What is one of Lingerie Diva’s top priorities when it comes to shipping?

7) Lingerie Diva offers free shipping on orders over what price?

8) What television show does Lingerie Diva reference in its “Marriage Magic” resource?

9) How many Facebook fans does Lingerie Diva have?

10) What is the name of the Lingerie Diva forum?

Bonus Question: Name the five top-selling items on the Lingerie Diva site.

The official contest announcement and rules can be found here.