Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Naomi Campbell Being Sued for not Walking up Stairs?

From Celebuzz.com

Naomi Campbell has climbed the ladder of success over the past couple of decades but just don't expect her to climb any stairs.

The 40-year-old model is currently being sued by her former agent for backing out of a perfume deal in 2000. The agent, Carole White alleges that Naomi was a nightmare to work with during the campaign: throwing diva tantrums (big surprise), threatening to throw bottles at crew members (again, big surprise), and refusing to walk up two flights of stairs when the elevator went out during a television appearance to promote the fragrance.

According the suit, Naomi was so pissed that she had to walk up some stairs that she canceled her entire appearance for the fragrance promotion. Apparently, mild physical exertion is beneath the fabulous model.

In response to the no-stairs claim, Naomi is counter-suing her former agent by claim that the perfume company misled her.