Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Lingerie Shopping in Saudi Arabia

Nura, an administrative clerk at Dar al-Hikma Women's College refuses to buy lingerie in Saudi Arabia anymore. "It's really embarrassing. They try to give comments -'this might suit you better than that' - it's really not ethical."

In the fundamentalist Muslim country, you see, fitting rooms are banned and only men are allowed to work at lingerie stores. Consequently, if you're shopping in Saudi Arabia and need information on how a particular item might fit across your chest, you must get it from a man.

In early 2009, an attempt to rectify this problem was made by Reem Asaad, who lectures on finance at the same women's college as Nura. She organized a two week boycott to protest the law. Unfortunately, according to Arab News, the boycott was a failure and did not affect sales.

Our conclusion is that women in Saudi Arabia who want to shop for lingerie with dignity, are simply going outside of the country.