Monday, September 27, 2010

Kissing: Not Just For Fun

For most people, the word "kiss" conjures up all sorts of romantic feelings (especially if you're in love with Gene Simmons). And the act itself conjures up even more direct, physical responses.

But is a kiss just something we humans do because of how it makes us feel? A scientist from the University of Leeds would say no to that. According to Dr. Colin Hendrie's research, published in the journal "Medical Hypothesis", kissing also serves a very specific biological function; immunization.

Hendrie's research discovered that the act of kissing can actually prevent birth defects, as the incidental transfer of fluids from the male to the female, helps inoculate her against the dangerous Cytomegalovirus. The more often lovers kiss, the stronger the inoculation.

That sure beats getting a shot in the arm!