Monday, February 28, 2011

A Guide To Traditional Corsets

I've already gushed about my favorite fashion lingerie corsets, but have yet to bring up traditional corsets. The first image that pops into my head when I hear that term, is Marie Antoinette.

Even though as I started researching the history of corsets, I discovered Marie Antoinette actually hated wearing her formal corset called a grand corps. Only France’s highest stationed princess was allowed to wear this unmentionable on a normal basis. To French aristocratics, a tightly corseted body represented "the norms of stiffness and self-control”. Needless to say, these corsets were much stiffer then what the commoner wore.

Corsets were designed to offer back support, create a slimmer waist, and support the bustline.. Each panel on the corset is separately crafted and the front panels are strongly supported by the busk and stays, allowing for the corset to keep its shape and last longer. Additionally, traditional corsets shape to its owner’s individual body shape through repeated wear. They also are made with the best fabric — genuine silk, satin and lace — and include a cotton lining that helps keep the corset from staining or having a strong odor. While they are pricier, a traditional corset is worth the expense if you’re looking for long-lasting support.

Ordering the right size of corset is much different than ordering other types of lingerie or undergarments. Instead of ordering the corset using your bra or dress size, you must order it by waist measurement. However, you must order your corset smaller than your actual measurement, because the size of the corset is taken when it is completely laced closed. Please check out the corset sizing guide for more specific instructions.

I love the sweetheart neckline on this ivory satin corset.

Achieve that perfect hourglass shape on your wedding day with this classic corset.

Vollers-The Corest Company has been creating corset creations for the past four generations. This vintage inspired corset with black lace overlay is the definition of elegance. I can understand why they've been so successful.

Looking for a little color to add into your life? Try this sapphire hued corset. It's quite the decadent choice. I'm sure Marie would approve.

New Swimsuit Trend: The Monokini

Diva's Word of the Day: Monokini. I always thought this word referred to wearing only swimsuit bottoms leaving your chest exposed. However, many designers are interpreting and reinventing the traditional one-piece calling it the monokini.

As spring break is approaching, what better time to expand your swim suit collection. When I travel tropical I fill my luggage with tiny weeny numbers. If I'm going to lay by the pool or ocean all day, I need different looks. I would never want to be caught in the same suit two sessions in a row. ha! how diva of me!

Here are a few of my favorite sexy one-pieces!

This one-piece swimsuit by Skinny Dip is sexy by itself or you can accessorize with gold bangles and heels to be stunning day or nite.

This is my ABSOLUTE favorite!! I love the brown with the turquoise. Can't wait to rock this in Cabo! Swimsuit by Forplay.

Here's another monokini by Forplay. I love the psychedelic tropical print. Thinking of pairing hot pink heels with this stunning swimsuit.

Another Skinny Dip creation! The triangle top is connected to the bottoms with a jeweled body chain. That's hot!

Whether you're traveling somewhere tropical and warm or you're preemptively anticipating the warmer month (like, moi), I hope these swimsuits showed you one-pieces CAN be sexy!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Lingerie Apparel

In case you missed my diary entry from Monday, Lingerie Diva is having a Corset Clearance Sale until March 1! If you're thinking you have no need for such a decadent undergarment, I'm hear to tell you otherwise. While some corsets are more functional then fashionable, lifting and tucking, Lingerie Diva offers many that can be worn inside or outside the bedroom. They fall under a category I lovingly dubbed lingerie apparel.

Designers have longed played around with the idea of corsets as ready-to-wear fashion pieces. And why not? Pair them with a princess skirt. Volia ultimate prom/wedding/special occasion dress. At the other end of the spectrum, styled with jeans and heels and your club-ready . The designer Balmain played around mixing corsets with grunge,urban, rocker styles at this year's past London Fashion Week.

Don't have access to the French designer's showroom? Check out these corsets available [and ON SALE!] through Lingerie Diva. Now if the weekend would just hurry up and get here, so I can paint the town red in one of these numbers!!

This elegant lace corset by Escante has floral lace and sequined detailing which will definitely capture more then one eye.

Walk on the wild side with this sexy corset by Shirely of Hollywood. Best feature? It is reversible! The other side is a black with red. Two looks for the price of one!

I'm a sucker for anything with sparkles! Jazz up that little black dress with this sassy corset by Dreamgirl. Perfect for that special date night! You'll surely be the dreamgirl of whomever you decide to take home.

For a more casual, rocker girl approach try this satin corset by Daisy Corsets. Available in a variety of colors.

UPDATE: Lingerie Diva is now on Flickr! Check out our corset photo sets!

More resources:
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Steal Her Style - Mila Kunis for W

Mila Kunis graces the cover of the March issue of W Magazine. The cover look is a Chanel feather silk robe and an Eres silk bra reminds me of this favorite dressing gown and bralette featured on Lingerie Diva. There's just something so romantic about a satiny and feathery robe. Whether it's to wear while you get ready or to seduce a lover, I think it's an essential part of every Lingerie Diva's wardrobe.

To digress slightly, if you haven't caught a glimpse of Black Swan, the Oscar-winning film Ms. Kunis stars in, check out the trailer below. It might be the ex-dancer in me that has such an affinity for this flick, but I was so happy that this one so many awards!

Read the full W Magazine interview here.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Corset Sale!

Corsets. A fashion staple since they debuted in the 1800s. Not surprisingly, women have always wanted to cinch their waist here, lift there bosom there. Whether you have a closet full of corsets or have always been a little bit overwhelmed to try on out, you're in luck LingerieDiva is having ENORMOUS sale on corsets.

If you are new to wearing corsets make sure to check out this brief guide that will walk you through the process of wearing one.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Sexy Burlesque Style

If you're around the Kansas City area this weekend, come check out the Kansas City Society of Burlesque Love Hangover Show at Korruption! They will be featuring six KCSOB sexy ladies as well as some traveling friends from Dallas and Chicago. This is not something to be missed!

If you live beyond traveling distance or rather prefer being your own burlesque star, then check out our sexy burlesque corsets and bustle skirts. I've selected a few looks that are my absolute favorites. ::if you're reading this darling::hint, hint::

The first look revolves around Leg Avenue's burlesque corset. I like the sublet details of the rose applique and lace trim. The leopard accents really allow you to dive into your wild side. Plus since it's black this corset is versatile and can be the star in more then one burlesque act.

Don't be fooled by this next one! Just because this corset and hot pant set is white, doesn't mean its innocent! I love the ruffle shorts, so much I dare say I might wear them outside of the bedroom. To complete this outfit, I suggest pairing with a little red top hat and a pair of handcuffs.

The final look is what I consider to be the quintessential burlesque outfit. A almost-too-tight corset paired with a bustle skirt that has the fringe in just the right places... If you are just starting to explore this exotic realm, then this is a perfect way to jump in!

Have a fun and sexy weekend regardless if you attend a burlesque show or star in your own!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Rihanna's Grammy Night Secret

In order to pull off this sheer and elegant Jean Paul Gaultier number, Rihanna turned to Nippies pasties. They allow you to wear the barely there little numbers without exposing everything. On the other hand, they do come in a variety of hues and patterns if you want to stand out just a little bit more, think Lil Kim circa 1999. Head over to view our sexy lingerie accessories department to browse all our Nippies and other pasties options!