Monday, February 28, 2011

A Guide To Traditional Corsets

I've already gushed about my favorite fashion lingerie corsets, but have yet to bring up traditional corsets. The first image that pops into my head when I hear that term, is Marie Antoinette.

Even though as I started researching the history of corsets, I discovered Marie Antoinette actually hated wearing her formal corset called a grand corps. Only France’s highest stationed princess was allowed to wear this unmentionable on a normal basis. To French aristocratics, a tightly corseted body represented "the norms of stiffness and self-control”. Needless to say, these corsets were much stiffer then what the commoner wore.

Corsets were designed to offer back support, create a slimmer waist, and support the bustline.. Each panel on the corset is separately crafted and the front panels are strongly supported by the busk and stays, allowing for the corset to keep its shape and last longer. Additionally, traditional corsets shape to its owner’s individual body shape through repeated wear. They also are made with the best fabric — genuine silk, satin and lace — and include a cotton lining that helps keep the corset from staining or having a strong odor. While they are pricier, a traditional corset is worth the expense if you’re looking for long-lasting support.

Ordering the right size of corset is much different than ordering other types of lingerie or undergarments. Instead of ordering the corset using your bra or dress size, you must order it by waist measurement. However, you must order your corset smaller than your actual measurement, because the size of the corset is taken when it is completely laced closed. Please check out the corset sizing guide for more specific instructions.

I love the sweetheart neckline on this ivory satin corset.

Achieve that perfect hourglass shape on your wedding day with this classic corset.

Vollers-The Corest Company has been creating corset creations for the past four generations. This vintage inspired corset with black lace overlay is the definition of elegance. I can understand why they've been so successful.

Looking for a little color to add into your life? Try this sapphire hued corset. It's quite the decadent choice. I'm sure Marie would approve.