Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Lingerie Apparel

In case you missed my diary entry from Monday, Lingerie Diva is having a Corset Clearance Sale until March 1! If you're thinking you have no need for such a decadent undergarment, I'm hear to tell you otherwise. While some corsets are more functional then fashionable, lifting and tucking, Lingerie Diva offers many that can be worn inside or outside the bedroom. They fall under a category I lovingly dubbed lingerie apparel.

Designers have longed played around with the idea of corsets as ready-to-wear fashion pieces. And why not? Pair them with a princess skirt. Volia ultimate prom/wedding/special occasion dress. At the other end of the spectrum, styled with jeans and heels and your club-ready . The designer Balmain played around mixing corsets with grunge,urban, rocker styles at this year's past London Fashion Week.

Don't have access to the French designer's showroom? Check out these corsets available [and ON SALE!] through Lingerie Diva. Now if the weekend would just hurry up and get here, so I can paint the town red in one of these numbers!!

This elegant lace corset by Escante has floral lace and sequined detailing which will definitely capture more then one eye.

Walk on the wild side with this sexy corset by Shirely of Hollywood. Best feature? It is reversible! The other side is a black with red. Two looks for the price of one!

I'm a sucker for anything with sparkles! Jazz up that little black dress with this sassy corset by Dreamgirl. Perfect for that special date night! You'll surely be the dreamgirl of whomever you decide to take home.

For a more casual, rocker girl approach try this satin corset by Daisy Corsets. Available in a variety of colors.

UPDATE: Lingerie Diva is now on Flickr! Check out our corset photo sets!

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