Thursday, March 24, 2011

Donna's Dress Shop

This past weekend one of my absolute FAVORITE stores in Kansas City, Donna's Dress Shop, held a garden party to debut some of their newest [vintage & new] floral springtime dresses. Donna's Dress Shop has been dressing stylist midtowners since 2007, Donna took over the old Midtown School of Dance location at 1410 W. 39th in 2009. Having been an alumni of the dance school, my initial reaction was mixed when they moved in. However, after attending the event on Sunday and falling in love with the space, I will definitely become a regular customer. They offer both new and vintage pieces. Since I've been watching Mad Men lately, I tend to fall for the evening dresses they acquire. ::Now I just need more fancy cocktail dates to wear them to!:: Here are some photos of the garden party. Make sure to follow Donna's Dress Shop on facebook! (Donna does in EXCELLENT job of photographing all of her newest purchases!)