Monday, April 25, 2011

The 5 Essential Bras You Need for Spring/Summer

Once the weather gets warmer, it's only a matter of time before the clothes start getting skimpier. Jeans are tighter, skirts are shorter, and the long sleeves and high necklines that protected us from the freezing cold are cast off to reveal women's gorgeous arms, necks, shoulders and backs.

Hooray, it's warm outside!

But to wear all of the sexy halters, tank tops, strapless tops, backless dresses and more that are part of the a fun, flirty diva's summer style, you need to have the right bra. It's all about invisibility - we don't want any ugly bra straps poking out and distracting from the lovely silhouette you've got going on! So here is the Lingerie Diva list of the Top 5 Essential Bras You Need to Have for Spring and Summer!

1) The strapless bra: You likely already have this piece in your lingerie drawer, since it is a staple for every woman. You want to make sure you have a strapless bra that has a seamless line and can give you support without squashing your breasts.

2) The convertible bra: This is the "jane-of-all-trades" when it comes to bras. A convertible bra allows you to adjust and move the straps so they can work with any top. The convertible bra is good for halter tops, raceback tanks, tops with deep-V plunges in the front and tops that cross in the back.

3) A bandeau bra: A bandeau bra is different from a strapless bra in that it's OK if your bandeau bra is seen. These bras look like a sporty tube top and work perfectly under a long, flowy tank with big armholes. Or, wear a bandeau top in a contrasting color under any shirt or dress that has an open back, adding a little extra oomph to your outfit.

4) The T-shirt bra: This bra lays flat against your skin and is perfect to wear under, obviously, T-shirts, but also any tight-fitting top where you want a seamless look in the front. You want to world to notice your great style, not the lines from your bra.

5) A backless bra: Sometimes you just feel like baring a little more skin, and there's nothing as subtly sexy as a toned and tan back. The backless bra adheres to your breasts, providing support from the side and underneath.

And there you have it, the bras that are absolutely essential for a truly sexy spring and summer look. To order any of the bras featured, visit