Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Earth Day from Lingerie Diva!

Earth Day is today and Lingerie Diva is celebrating in several ways. I’ve donated to several Earth-friendly charities, including the Sierra Club and the Conservation Fund. I’ve stepped up my recycling efforts, making more of an effort to recycle at work not just home. I’ve also found ways that I can reuse the old bras that I am getting rid of after I did some Spring cleaning on my lingerie drawer.

To honor Earth Day here on the blog, I’ve collected a few pieces from Lingerie Diva that bring together a color palette inspired by Mother Nature. This natural-hued set draws comparison to all parts of Earth, from the land to the sea to the sky.

And for those who are interested in buying eco-friendly lingerie, check out “My Underwear is Green: How to Buy Eco-Fashionable Lingerie” by the Lingerie Addict. Trust me, she knows what she’s talking about.