Friday, May 6, 2011

Featured Brand - Skinny Dip Swimwear

This week's featured brand is a fitting one, since it is officially SWIMSUIT SEASON!

I love Skinny Dip Swimear because it's such a multi-faceted swimwear line. They have bathing suits and bikinis to fit any diva's style or mood.

Whether you want something cute and coquettish, something sexy and trendy that would fit in at an "ultra lounge" pool, or just a good everyday, everywhere swimsuit, Skinny Dip has something to offer you.

When it comes to making swimwear for women, Skinny Dip know the styles, patterns and trends us divas want! And you have to admit, their name does make you want to get in the water :-)

It's enough to make you want to break out the sunscreen right now, isn't it? To see more of Lingerie Diva's swim suits, from all of our fabulous brands, click on the link.