Friday, May 20, 2011

Lingerie Diva's Best Swimsuits For $30 Or Less

Lucky magazine and recently collaborated on an article called "The Season's Best Swimsuits for Under $100." The problem with this article? Of the 10 suits listed, seven sold for more than $70. Three of the suits were in the $92 to $96 range - which to me means that they're essentially $100. Perhaps for some this is a great deal price a swimsuit, but I know for a lot of women this is not in their budget.

The cheapest swimsuit on the list was from Old Navy for $40. Now, that's not a bad deal for a swimsuit, but you can do better! Inspired by the above article, I have come up with my own list: "Lingerie Diva's Best Swimsuits for $30 Or Less."









Note: These are not all of the swimsuits we offer for $30 or less. And there were six suits that were left off this list because they were just over the price limit, selling for $31.49! So you see my point, you don't have to spend $100 to get a great, sexy swimsuit. Heck, at these prices you could afford to buy two or three and have some options for when you go to the beach.

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