Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Lingerie Pieces For Small-Busted Women

Earlier this week I had a customer ask what I recommended for women who were *ahem* not exactly well-endowed. While small-busted women might have to search a little harder to find the perfect fit, there are several lingerie styles that can help enhance, accentuate and show off small busts. Here are my recommendations:

Babydolls: Babydolls are great because they often have lots of details – ruffles, lace, etc. – around the chest area which will make your bust seem fuller. Here’s an example:

With babydolls there are two ways you can go: with underwire or without underwire. Both have their advantages. If you go without underwire, you have to worry less about fit and whether there will be gapping between your chest and the cups. If you go with underwire, you can find some great babydoll styles that have padded cups to give your bust some extra oomph, like this one:

Camisoles: Camisoles are good for small busts because they are usually made of stretchy fabric, which will cling to the curves that you do have. I also suggest going for a halter style – it will draw your breasts up for a bit of cleavage.

Teeny-tiny teddies: There is one advantage small-busted women have over large-busted women: They don’t have to worry about sagging or being well-supported. That means it might be easier for them to wear some of the more exotic teddies out there without having to worry about whether something is hanging out in a bad way. Some examples:

Pasties: Pasties are one lingerie piece that all women – no matter your height, weight or cup size, can pull off. The appeal of pasties is they show so much while still covering the part he really wants to see. Pair them with your favorite pair of underwear and some high heels – accentuating your sexy legs – and you’re set.

Remember, it’s not about hiding your small bust: It’s about accentuating and emphasizing it and – ultimately – showing off what you’ve got!