Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Mother's Day Gift from Lingerie Diva

If there’s one demographic of women that needs some sexiness in their lives, it’s moms. Whether they have a 9-5 career or stay at home with the kids, being a mom means being busy. It means that most days you’re lucky to get a shower and some makeup put on. It means that feeling sexy often takes a backseat to making sure everyone else is fed, clothed, bathed, hugged, read to, played with, cuddled, nursed and oh so much more.

Mother’s Day is this coming Sunday. Why not pamper a mother you know (whether it be your own mom, your sister, your best friend or your wife) by helping them feel beautiful again with some lingerie pieces from LingerieDiva.com? We have pieces to suit every kind of mom…

For the mom who’s looking for comfort and style… Lingerie Diva suggests this red satin robe or this charmeuse nightgown with matching robe. Both are light pieces that are perfect for lounging around the house.

For the mom who wants something practical but pretty… I would try something like this black bra with the white overlay and bows. It's pretty enough for special occasions, but also gives enough support for everyday wear.

For the mom who wants to show off her sensual side…A chemise is a great way to go. Pieces like this fishnet chemise with pink ribbon detail and this sheer "purple passion" chemise will make any woman feel feminine and confident.

For the mom who wants to forget she’s a mom for awhile… A sexy costume is a great way to help her slip into a different role for awhile. Lingerie Diva has the classic nurse and maid costumes, but since most moms already feel like they play those roles everyday I'd go with something more fun, like a sexy sailor or the "Mile High" mistress.

For the mom who needs some all-over pampering… There's almost nothing as relaxing as a nice massage.This massage kit includes 5 luxurious scents.

So be sure to spoil a mom you know with one of our sexy and sensual Mother's Day gifts. Because if there's anyone that deserves to feel beautiful and pampered, it's a mother.