Monday, May 9, 2011

Steal Her Style - FHM's Top 100 Sexiest Women

Whenever a men's magazine debuts their latest list of the "Sexiest Women Alive" or the "World's Sexiest Women" I'm always curious to see who made it. Not only because I'm interested in how their definition of beauty compares to mine, but also because I want to see what the women are wearing in the photographs.

FHM Magazine recently released its "100 Sexiest Women" list. While some of the photos left me cold (Megan Fox plastered to the side of a dirty building, for example), there were many others that made me happy because they featured beautiful women in gorgeous lingerie - many of them looks you can copy with a little help from Lingerie Diva!

Here are the pictures of several women from FHM's top 10, and the pieces from Lingerie Diva that can help you steal their style!

#3 Rihanna

Steal her style with ...  

# 6 Brooklyn Decker

Steal her style with...
#7 Marisa Miller

Steal her style with...

#10 Irina Shayk

Steal her style with...

Or this Floral Design Bra and Garter Set from Magic Silk
So head over to the Lingerie Diva website and order some of these sexy pieces - I guarantee they'll make it to the top of your man's "100 Sexiest" list!