Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Steal Her Style - January Jones in "X-Men: First Class"

If you're familiar with actress January Jones, you likely identify her as ever-suffering housewife Betty Draper on AMC's hit show "Mad Men." This summer she'll debut in a new role, that of mutant villain Emma Frost in "X-men: First Class."

Well, the movie isn't even released yet (it comes out this Friday) but January has already gotten a lot of attention for her part in it - namely for a scene in which she appears in a white lace bra and garter set. (That's her below, dressed "conservatively" for her character, and in the aforementioned lingerie set).

Although Lingerie Diva can't help with the white leather jumpsuit, we can help with the lacy white bra and garter set. For this "Steal Her Style" I recommend this white embroidered bra set by Escante.

You might also like this bustier version, with underwire cups and sheer bodice, also by Escante.

Another option is this white Boudoir Bra & Garter Set, which comes with a fully boned waist corset and garter straps. All 3 sets sell for under $35 and are sure to get you just as much attention as January Jones has received.

And, just for fun since we're talking about an actress with the last name of Jones, here's Billy Paul singing that sexy song "Me and Mrs. Jones."

*Photos courtesy of The Hollywood Reporter