Thursday, June 16, 2011

50 Reasons To Wear Lingerie

Have you seen that episode of "How I Met Your Mother" where Lily and the gang are trying to think of 50 reasons to have sex? They range from silly ("Because you dropped a Cheeto in his lap and he thought you were making a move") to sweet ("Because I love you").

I recently saw a rerun of that episode and it inspired to me a similar list: 50 Reasons To Wear Lingerie. I've been able to come up with the first 20-some reasons but I need your help to get the other 30! Leave a comment and tell me your reason to wear lingerie. If it's good I'll add it to the list!
**UPDATE** Thanks to everyone who left a comment here on the blog and on the Lingerie Diva Facebook page - we have our 50 reasons, see them all below!

50 Reasons To Wear Lingerie
1) because it makes you feel sexy, beautiful, confident and glamorous
2) because he like it
3) because you like it
4) because it was on sale
5) because sometimes wearing a tank top and undies to bed just won’t cut it
6) because sometimes you want to get dressed up before you get undressed
7) because it’s the first time with him
8) because it’s the 100th time with him
9) because it’s your wedding night
10) because it’s your anniversary
11) because you’re trying to have a baby
12) because you’ve had a baby and want to feel sexy again
13) because you’ve had a fight and lingerie is part of the apology
14) because it was too pretty to resist
15) because you’re still giddy that the last one left was in your size
16) because you want to be someone else in the bedroom for awhile
17) because his hands trembles as he unlaces/unbuttons/unhooks you
18) because it’s his birthday
19) because it’s your birthday
20) because you’re at the end of a much-needed date night
21) because you love knowing that your sweatshirt is secretly hiding a racy bra/corset underneath
22) because you loved the color
23) because it's Valentine's Day/Christmas/Father's Day/fill in the holiday here
24) because it feels good against your skin
25) because it makes you feel good
26) because you were in the mood to
27) because it makes you feel better on a bad day
28) because you want to get him in the mood
29) because you want to get yourself in the mood
30) because it looks so good on your floor
31) because it makes you feel naughty
32) because it gives him more to take off than just clothes
33) because you need a boost of confidence
34) because you love the look on his face when he see its
35) because it makes things more fun
36) because it allows you to let go of your inhibitions
37) because it makes words completely unnecessary at that moment
38) because the kids aren’t home
39) because you want to bring him to his knees
40) because you want to slip into something soft and pretty after that bubble bath
41) because you want to surprise him when he comes home from work
42) because when he sees you in it, he forgets about what’s on his mind and focuses on what’s on yours
43) because it makes you feel confident and forget about all those body “flaws” you worry about
44) because there’s nothing wrong with wanting to feel sexy even if nobody else will see it
45) because sometimes sex is more fun when you aren’t totally naked
46) because when you look sexy, you feel sexy
47) because corsets and jeans looks great when you’re riding your motorcycle/cleaning the house/going to the grocery store/having brunch
48) because taking it off feels as good as putting it on
49) because you look damn good in it
50) because everyday should be a lingerie day 

Need more reasons to wear lingerie? Visit and take your pick!