Wednesday, June 22, 2011

What Does Lingerie Look Like Internationally?

What do lingerie designers from around the world  have in common? They all have unique visions of what lingerie history - and its future - look like.

Triumph Lingerie recently closed voting for its international annual Triumph Inspiration Award. According to Triumph’s website, the contest: “… challenges students from all over the world to use their talent, artistic vision and inspiration to conceptualize and design a unique lingerie showpiece for the year’s theme.”

This year’s theme was “125 Years of Celebrating Women” in honor of the company’s 125th anniversary. Lingerie lovers could vote online for their favorite design – the winner will be announced during Berlin Fashion Week next month and their design will be sold as a limited edition set.

Most of the pieces would definitely fall into the “lingerie couture” category, but there were some that did look like they could make the transition from catwalk to lingerie drawer. Overall, the entries featured a broad spectrum of looks and styles – from fun & funky to slinky and sexy to what the hell were they thinking? See what I mean below.

 Italy - Revealing and Concealing

Bulgaria - Many Sided Individualism

Sweden - Circular Celebration

Japan - Crane Dance

Netherlands - Beautiful Damage

France - This Is Not An Icon

Belgium - Transformama

For a more detailed overview of the competition, read this post from Lingerie Talk. And check out this interview with model/jury member Lily Cole talking about the competition and designs.

**UPDATE** The winner has been announced! Click this link to see which design took home the grand prize (and breath a sigh of relief because it wasn't Belgium).