Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Cool Blue

With the summer heat reaching its highest peak - and temperatures soaring - it's hard to keep cool. The heat and humidity and just general stickiness and sweatiness have me dreaming of lounging in a pool or frolicking in the ocean waves.

My desire to keep cool inspired this photo collection of blue lingerie items. Blue is a calm, soothing and - most importantly - cool color. Looking at these pictures, I think of being in the water and almost forget the red hot summer heat outside.

Magnolia Blossoms Robe

I guess the flip side to these cool, blue outfits is that they could certainly lead to things getting steamier later, if you know what I mean ;-)


Anonymous said...

I love this color blue the mostBlue Classic Chemise Set

Anonymous said...

I wore the corset, garters, and stockings. Boy, did my boyfriend...and his friends, love me in (and out) of them!!!!

Anonymous said...

What would you suggest wearing if you have a bit of a stomach,as if you were still about 4-5 mos. pregnant, in order to effectively hide this??

The Lingerie Diva said...

If you're trying to minimize your stomach, a babydoll is definitely the way to go! They're tight on top and then flowy around your waist and hip area.

Here's a link to our babydoll page: http://www.lingeriediva.com/babydolls